Strategic goals

Our Strategic Goals and Objectives are:

  • Dissemination of the concept “education for all” in the Republic of North Macedonia – accessible and inclusive education at all levels;
  • Increasing the access to educational processes, culture and sport for the marginalized and vulnerable groups;
  • Advocating for inclusion of the vulnerable groups of children and youth in educational processes;
  • Empowering professionals, parents, and other stakeholders to provide high quality services for vulnerable children and young people;
  • Promotion of literacy and the habit of reading among children and youth;
  • Promotion of the concept of life-long learning;
  • Advancing the access to culture and cultural activities for all;
  • Increasing the access to the cultural institutions and their services, activities, and programs for the vulnerable groups of people, especially children and youth;
  • Promotion of equal access to sports and sport activities for all;
  • Encouraging higher participation of vulnerable groups of children and youth in sport and sport activities.